One thing I especially appreciated about Jim’s classes was that he immediately hit the ground running with things I could actively do right away. I loved that there was “homework” – things to do – immediately, but that they were small, manageable alterations in my schedule, and things I could easily see making a part of my everyday life.  It became much simpler to regularly meditate on God’s truth, instead of simply letting my mind “slip down” to where it naturally wanted to go – which was generally into the accusing or despairing thoughts of the devil.

I am continually surprised at how quickly I have positive results through the small, daily activities I have learned from Jim’s class.  So many aspects of my daily life have gotten so much easier – without me even thinking about them!  Almost without realizing it, many of my own habits and daily patterns have been changing.  Without any fanfare, I realized that I had more energy during the day, and was naturally choosing to do more constructive things with my time than I had before.  I am much more calm and naturally cheerful as I do my work;  it feels easier – and just more natural – to clean and organize the space around me in my home, do extra chores, take walks, and create a pleasant and happy environment where I live.

Finally, I have noticed how much more time and energy I have to give to the work I do in church and school.  Somehow, beyond my ability to express, I am more “free” to observe and recognize the blessings and joys that God has given us, even in this life. It’s easier to see through the fog and gloom the devil stirs up, and rejoice in the true victory that God has given us in Jesus Christ.

This has been a tremendous blessing in my life, and I pray that many others – especially servants in God’s Church – would be able to receive the same daily comfort, refreshment, and joy that I have. I had no idea that life and service could feel this much better.