Post-Class Stress Survey

Please fill this survey out after you completed all the classes, took the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) again and have the score.

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Stress Management for Church Workers Online Course

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    1) How did these classes help you?

    2) Did you learn any new techniques to help you lower stress in your life? If so, what were they?

    3) Are there any changes or additions you would suggest for these classes (longer classes, shorter classes, more classes, fewer classes, etc)?

    4) If you received the follow-up emails, where they helpful? If so, how were they helpful for you? Would it be better to have fewer, or more?

    5) Any other specific online classes that you can think of that would help you become a better Church worker? (for example, Christian parenting classes, Christian marriage building, Christian Conflict Resolution, etc)

    6) Any feedback on the classes you want to offer? Would more graphics be helpful? Would video be helpful? Or, was it a good balance of power point words, PDF engagement and the audio?

    7) May I use your anonymous statements in the future?