Frequently Asked Questions

What is was created by a licensed therapist, Jim Otremba, for the spiritual, mental, physical and relational health of all Church workers. The website will contain free assessments and online classes to address a variety of issues that often plague church workers. The first two online classes are, “Naming and Taming Compassion Fatigue,” and “Stress Management for Church Workers.”
How does it work?
“Naming and Taming Compassion Fatigue” uses a clinically accepted assessment tool that reveals the church worker’s level of compassion fatigue. Church workers may then address their fatigue by taking online classes from the comfort of their own home. At the end of classes the Church workers will be asked to take the assessment again. With the Holy Spirit’s blessing, the assessment score will be lower, compassion fatigue will be reduced, and most importantly, a measure of joy and peace in the ministry will be returned to them. “Stress Management for Church Workers” follows a similar format.
What time commitment is required?

The assessment tool takes five to six minutes to complete. Following that, there are six online classes designed to enhance a Church worker’s health. Each class features a 30-minute PowerPoint by Jim and a corresponding PDF document that can be printed out so the Church worker may better integrate the information into life. Once you take a class you are encouraged to work on the assignments for that week. Once seven days have gone by, the next class will be available to watch. Classes must be watched in sequence, a person can’t skip ahead. As stated above, Church workers may work at the their own pace.

What else should I know?

At least two or three new online classes will be added in the future. Additional classes include: “Practices for Thriving in Ministry,” “Ages and Stages of Christian Parenting (conception through the teen years),”  “Healing and Resurrecting our Marriages,” “Hope for Depressed Feelings,” as well as other classes. 

Who is Jim Otremba?

Jim has more than a decade of working with Church workers from the MN North District as a licensed therapist and a trained coach. He is the owner and operator of a Minnesota state certified clinic called The Center for Family Counseling in St. Cloud. Learn more about Christian counseling at: 

He and his wife, Maureen, present nationally on a variety of topics. Each year thousands of Christians throughout the U.S. use their Christian resources, retreats, and workbooks. 

How much does this cost?

This is free for all Church Workers and their spouses in the Minnesota North District from September 1 to December 31, 2019. After that, a church will pay $20.00 per month, with the ability to cancel any time without penalty. This monthly fee makes this site available to all the Church Workers and their spouses for a specific Church. If other Church workers in different Districts desire this ministry in their respective District, contact Jim directly at:  

When will this be available? will be launched in September 2019. 

How do I get more information?

Contact Jim directly at: